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Phoenix Historical Society

Open Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 1 pm until 4 pm


607 N. Church Street

Phoenix, OR 97535

(541) 512-0614


Phoenix Historical Society was organized in August 1998 with the help of a group from the Phoenix Chamber of commerce. The museum was situated in the old city hall-library building which stood behind the present City Hall. The building was moved in 2002 to a site in front of the historic Phoenix Cemetery. With the addition of a larger room, there is now room for more showcases and meetings.


The mission of the Phoenix Historical Society is:

1. Acquire and preserve historical objects and artifacts

2. Investigate, research, and publish historic information

3. Educate the community through interpretation and exhibition of items, stories, and events of a historic nature

4. Cooperate with other community organizations and business groups.

5. Provide a forum for discussion, debate, and understanding of the history of the city of Phoenix and the surrounding community

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